RISE Prep is a tuition-free, public mayoral academy, open to students in Woonsocket, North Smithfield, and Burrillville. RISE Prep opened in August 2015 with 81 Kindergarten students, and will grow one grade each year until reaching a full K-8 school model.


Through a structured learning environment, rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, and character education, RISE Prep Mayoral Academy educates K-8 scholars for success in college and a life of community engagement.

Structured Learning Environment. We provide a small, safe, and structured environment, with clear behavioral expectations and consistent school routines that allow all children to succeed.

Rigorous Academic Curriculum. Aligned to the Common Core, our curriculum prepares students for state assessments and PARCC through a prioritized, intensive focus on literacy and math.

Character Education. We equip students with the academic skills to gain admission to competitive high schools, and the character traits to succeed once admitted.

K-8. We provide a seamless elementary and middle school to avoid the transitional risk factors of middle school and to ensure high school-ready graduates.

Success in College. College education provides academic, professional, and financial opportunities. K-8 students have access to a public school that prepares them for the demands of a college preparatory high school and inspires them towards an ambitious and bright future.

Life of Community Engagement. We explicitly teach meaningful and contributing behaviors to graduate engaged community members.


Our vision encompasses a rigorous focus on academics, character, and community.

Academic Vision. All students will leave grade eight prepared for the demands of high school; all students will go to and succeed in college. Beginning in kindergarten, all students have access to a rigorous academic curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards and focusing on the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve success in school and in life.

Character Vision. All students will leave grade eight with the behavior, habits, and mindsets needed to persist through high school, thrive in college, and lead in their communities. We provide a joyful and structured culture that emphasizes the school’s RISE values – Respect, Integrity, Self-Determination, and Excellence.

Community Vision. Within and outside of formal character education classes, we teach students how to positively contribute to their immediate communities within their individual classrooms and grade levels in grades K-4, and expanding into the greater communities of their school in grades 5-6, and then to their cities or towns and the State of Rhode Island in grades 7-8.


To ensure strong character development, and in pursuit of individual and community achievement, we establish and sustain a joyful and structured school culture that emphasizes the school’s RISE values:

Respect – We are kind to and supportive of others and know that every person is worthy of dignity.

Integrity – We do the right thing because it is the right thing, and that is who we are.

Self-determination – We know that hard work will make anything possible.

Excellence – We give everything our very best, and know that excellence is a learned habit.