Our Beliefs

  • Provided with excellent teaching, and more time, all students are able to achieve at high academic levels.
  • College preparation and a focus on the importance of higher education should begin in the earliest stages of a child’s life.
  • A lifetime of academic achievement is built on a solid foundation in the core subjects of reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Academic achievement best happens in a school culture that stresses respect and high standards for behavior and daily school performance.
  • Character education has a significant impact on academic achievement.
  • All students deserve academic opportunities that will prepare them to excel in college and ultimately to serve their community.

What Makes RISE Prep Unique?

  • Commitment to three core values: college prep, character education, and community engagement
  • Extended day (7:50 am – 4:00 pm M, T, Th, F  7:50 am – 2:00 pm W)
  • Two-teacher model in grades K-2
  • Belief that “college begins in kindergarten”
  • Extended literacy and math blocks
  • Character education that is integrated throughout the academic program
  • Focus on community service and engagement that begins in K-4 (classroom); 4-6 (school); 7-8 (communities and State)
  • Daily tutoring
  • K-8 model that eliminates stress of elementary to middle school transition