The RISE Prep Way

To put scholars on the path to college, RISE Prep creates and implements a rigorous college preparatory academic curriculum for each new grade, rooted in the Common Core Standards and relentlessly driving towards the strong early foundation necessary for later college success. RISE Prep provides triple the traditional instructional time in literacy in grades K-3, and will double the instructional time in grades 4-8. RISE Prep provides additional instructional time in math in all subjects at all grades, and focuses on the mastery of foundational skills leading to the conceptual understanding and application necessary to excel as scholars move throughout elementary school and prepare for middle school.

RISE Prep’s school day is longer than that of the traditional public schools in its sending communities to allow more time for instruction necessary for dramatically improved outcomes. The school provides scholars with approximately two additional hours of instruction per day to remediate gaps, challenge, and support all scholars to meet and exceed grade level expectations as demonstrated on rigorous national assessments. The extended day (7:40am–4:00pm) allows time to teach RISE values and celebrate academic and character growth during daily and weekly school-based rituals.

RISE Prep has a joy-infused culture of high expectations, urgency, and discipline with an emphasis on demonstration of the RISE values—Respect, Integrity, Self-determination, and Excellence. Clear systems, routines, structures, and discipline allow all scholars to focus on learning and support all scholars to do their best at all times.

RISE Prep is privileged to serve the families of Woonsocket, North Smithfield, and Burrillville and is honored to partner with its families to ensure all scholars are supported on their journey to college.  Teachers conduct Home Meet & Greets with every family in their class each year; school leadership holds annual Parent Orientations to welcome new families; RISE Prep families built a Family Leadership Council to host events and fundraisers; teachers send daily behavioral reports to all families; RISE Prep holds Family/Teacher Conferences; and the school partners with local organizations for enrichment and extracurricular opportunities.   

RISE Prep recruits and develops excellent teachers who consistently create, deliver, and sustain a rigorous curriculum and joy-infused, structured school culture aligned with its mission and vision. To drive academic success, RISE Prep recruits committed and capable teachers and invests deeply in their development. 

Collecting data frequently from rigorous assessments and analyzing that data thoughtfully on a question-, standard-, and scholar-specific basis is one of the most powerful levers for effectively and consistently building scholar achievement. RISE Prep’s targeted use of quality assessments allows for effective oversight and development of curriculum over time and for highly individualized scholar supports every day. Teachers analyze scholar performance, including a close monitoring of reading fluency and comprehension in grades K-3, adjust instruction as needed, and provide individualized tutoring to ensure all scholars achieve mastery of every critical skill taught.